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How Can I Play Responsible Poker?

Is responsible poker difficult to learn and play? After all, to be so profitable and safe at the same time, you probably have to follow a strict set of guidelines and have a rock solid poker strategy. But, the truth is, all it takes to play profitable responsible poker is a few simple poker tips. Responsible poker play, whether it be in Omaha hi or Texas Holdem, is more of a mindset than a poker strategy or a set of poker hands to play. If you try out the bellow tips in a few online poker tournaments or other poker events, you will see how easy it is to be a responsible poker player who makes a consistent profit!

How can you play responsible poker online

Play only high quality starting hands

Play Responsible PokerIf you only play the best starting poker hands, it is extremely difficult to get into trouble. When you play a poor starting hand, you are usually behind right from the start and are always playing catch up. This causes you to make poor decisions and get in situations where there is no way out and you are put to a decision for all your chips. Only play the best starting hands and you will not run into any trouble of this sort.

Play small pot poker

You can only lose what you put in the pot, so if you keep the pot small and focus on having many small wins instead of one or two big wins, your profit will be more consistent. Also, since you are making very small contributions to the pot, it is a lot easier to get out of a hand with minimal losses when things start to get out of control!

Control the action

When you control the action, you make the decisions on where you want the poker hand to go. When you start playing reactive poker, you are just along for the ride and your opponents will take you wherever they want to go. Don’t allow them to do this. Seize control of the hand by playing smart yet aggressive poker and making the first move.

Responsible poker play is easily attainable by most people who play poker online. Many people think that it is boring and redundant to play safe, responsible poker, but it can be just as profitable and exciting as playing aggressive Omaha hi and Texas Hold’em. You just have to know what you are doing. If you follow the above poker tips and apply them at the poker room or the poker sites you commonly play at, you will soon see that responsible poker is the way to play!

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