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How to combat tilt in online poker


Tilt is just another name for emotional instability in online poker and its effects can be massively destructive to your bottom line. We will look to address this problem here and how you can play tilt free poker.

It is often said that you can bring tilt to the online poker table by negative events that have happened in your life away from the table. This is true to a certain extent but it really takes one thing and one thing only to trigger tilt and that is losses. Some players try to purposely trigger tilt on others because they understand just what a negative effect this can have on your chip stack and bankroll.

I am not a fan of that kind of tactic but one thing is clear and this is that you more than likely bring tilt on yourself. It is very difficult to tilt if you are winning money and so tilt is primarily caused by losing money in online poker. But it is often a certain type of losing that causes tilt and that tends to be injustice or perceived injustice at something that has happened that you perceived shouldn’t have happened.

Experiencing the big outdraws

Let us say that you get all in pre-flop with A-A and your opponent shows Q-Q. You half expect the queen to flop but when the board is J-9-9-5 after the turn card then you are almost counting the money……..until a queen arrives on the river and crushes you. Then to make matters worse the player starts chirping inside the chat box deliberately to needle you. Then immediately afterwards on another table you have the Qc-Jc and the flop is Q-J-4 and you get all in only to be shown 4-4 by your opponent and you lose again.

You see players all around in online poker getting lucky and suddenly it seems that the entire world is against you. These are the emotions that trigger tilt and the effect is even worse in online poker because of the fact that the hands can come at you thick and fast and especially if you are multi-tabling. However to really get your head around tilt then you need to be aware of how much luck is in the game. Let us look at an analogy here with roulette for example and the house edge at even chances.

The edge is very small

If you were to bet on red or black at roulette then the chances are almost even money whether you win or lose. If it were not for the fact that zero was in the wheel then the house would have no edge at all in that game. Zero only arrives once in every thirty seven spins on average but that tiny edge is enough to provide them with plenty of profits. Online poker is the same because no matter what you do in any one given session then ultimately what will decide your results in online poker will be the results of a few big hands.

If your opponents get lucky in one or two pots then this will likely decide your session result. The probable effect of this is that whether you win or lose on any one given day is probably not much better than a fifty-fifty shot at best. Good online poker players lose often simply because the variance within the game dictates that they cannot avoid losing. But they make money not because they win all the time but because their winning sessions add up to more than their losing sessions. If you play ten sessions of poker and win $200 per session in five sessions but lose $100 per session for five sessions then you are ahead by $500 after the ten sessions for an average of $50 per session. But yet you have still lost in 50% of the sessions that you have played. If you think about poker in that way then you should avoid tilt the next time that you play online poker.

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