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Online Poker Bluffing Mistakes There are a few extremely common mistakes most people who play poker online make over and over again. If they just focused on eliminating these small errors, their results in online poker tournaments and other poker events would be greatly improved. It is important to identify these common mistakes as soon as possible and rid them from your poker game so you can achieve the level of profits you desire!

Bluffing into lose players?

It is always a poor idea to try and attempt a bluff on a lose player or a calling station. When you are attempting a bluff, the only way for you to win the hand is for your opponent to fold. But, if your opponents have called every bet in the last 5 hands, and play every starting hand they are dealt, there is a good chance they will call you down to the end. Stick to bluffing against tight players that actually know how to fold.

Bluffing too often

Bluffing too often is another common mistake a lot of poker players make. There is a time and place for bluffing, and that is not every poker hand you play. While pulling off bluffs is addicting, the more you bluff, the less effective it becomes. Once your opponents catch on to what you are doing, they will make you pay dearly. Don’t bluff too often – save it for pivotal poker hands.

Continuing a failed bluff

Lastly, too many players continue a failed bluff. Too many people believe that you have to continue a bluff down to the river. But, if it is clear that your bluff is not going to work, or the bet you made did not scare anybody out of the pot, don’t be afraid to cut your losses. Loosing a small pot is always better than loosing a big pot!

If you avoid the most common poker mistakes when trying to pull off a blockbuster bluff in online poker tournaments, ring games, or any other poker events you play in, there is a good chance you will be successful. It doesn’t matter if you are playing Omaha hi, Texas Holdem, Razz, Badugi poker, or even 7 card stud- the same principles apply and the same mistakes are made. Next time you log into your favorite online poker room or any of the online poker site you play at, remember not to commit the most common online poker bluffing mistakes, and you will have no trouble making your opponents look like fools!