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Crazy Pineapple Poker vs. Texas Hold'em Poker

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between online Texas Hold'em and crazy pineapple poker? Surprisingly, there are not that many, but the differences that are present change the whole dynamic of the game. However the game is similar enough so that even players with a simple grasp of Omaha Hi or Texas Hold'em can play crazy pineapple poker without any trouble.

The first major difference has to do with the starting poker hands. In Texas Hold'em, each player is dealt two hole cards. But in crazy pineapple poker, each player is dealt three hole cards. This allows more players to take part in each hand, which creates bigger pots and more action.

The second major difference is what happens after the betting round after the flop is dealt. Each player still in the hand has to discard one of their hole cards, leaving them with two hole cards. This again adds another exciting element to the game, and allows for more action to take place. If you have't figured it out yet, the main objective is to create more action and more excitement for all the poker players involved!

Besides those two differences, Texas Hold'em and crazy pineapple poker are pretty much the same. The same poker strategy is used and the same poker tips apply. There are a few differences in the starting hands you should be playing, but that's about it! If you are a profitable Texas Hold'em or Omaha Hi player, there is a good chance you will be able to start playing crazy pineapple poker and be profitable right away!

The similarities between online Texas Hold'em and crazy pineapple poker make it an excellent alternative when you need a break from Texas Hold'em or even Omaha Hi poker. Many of the same concepts apply, and it is a great game to play when you are relaxing, waiting to start playing in major online poker tournaments or other poker events. Sign up for a poker room that offers crazy pineapple poker and give it a try today - there is nothing like it!