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Online poker tips

Bankroll Management

Managing your bankroll is done by choosing a game that has particular limits which allow you to protect your bankroll when you get a series of weak hands. If you play poker for long enough, this will happen to you. Bankroll management is also thought of as ‘playing within your bankroll’. On the contrary, when you are not playing within your limits and are risking more money than you can afford to, you are ‘playing out of your bankroll’.

Why Should a Bankroll Be Managed?

Playing within your bankroll is essential because poker is subject to variance. Variance refers to the variation between strong hands and weak hands in a poker game. This affects profits and losses. Any person who plays poker on a regular basis will go through times of consistent money loss in addition to purple patches. Remember that if you are dealt poor hands, this is no reflection of your skill level. When you are playing beyond your limits, you do not have a sufficient amount of money in your bankroll to compensate for these variances which will lead to a total loss of your bankroll. It is important to choose a poker game, no matter if it is online or live, that is within your limits as this will give you the best opportunity to profit the most without sacrificing your bankroll.

How Do I Determine My Limits?

When you are playing in a pot limit or no limit Texas Holdem game, your bankroll should be 20 times bigger than the maximum buy-in. As an example, if you want to play a $1/$2 game with a $300 max buy-in, you should have a bankroll of $6,000 so you can maximize your profit and protect your bankroll. You may also use the rule which dictates that no greater than 5% of your bankroll should be used to play the game – this is equivalent to having 20 times the max buy-in. If you choose to play limit Texas Holdem, your bankroll needs to account for no less than 300 big bets. As an example, if you wish to play in a $2/$4 limit Holdem game, your bankroll should have at least $1,200.

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