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Online Poker Tournaments

Online poker tournaments are one of the best ways to quickly build up a small bankroll to a level where you can safely play ring games. But which kind of Texas Holdem poker tournament is best for doing this?
Let’s examine both kinds of poker tournaments available: multi table tournaments and single table tournaments.

Choosing A Poker Tournament

Multi table tournaments
Multi table tournaments are defined as tournaments that have more than 9 entries, thus requiring multiple tables. These tournaments are one of the most popular forms of poker online that many people play. They closely resemble what they see on TV and allow for a great return on investment. All the same poker rules as a standard ring game apply. The poker strategy required to win a multi table tournament is different than what is required to win a single table tournament or a ring game, but it is easily learned by even the most novice players.

Single Table Tournaments
Single table tournaments are defined as tournaments that have 9 or fewer players, and where all players play at one table. These styles of tournaments are very popular at 888 poker. You don’t have to wait for hundreds of people to sign up before you start playing; they start as soon as the table is full, which takes less than a few minutes with the recent influx of Canadian players to 888 poker.

Which one of these is best for building your bankroll? They both have there merits, but single table tournaments have a smaller variance, and the chance of being profitable in a single table tournament before you lose your whole bankroll is a lot higher than with multi table tournaments.