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How to play Triple Card Poker

If you haven’t yet tried Triple Card Poker, you are really missing out on something special. It is still growing in popularity and is not yet a mainstream online game, but that is quickly changing. It is quickly becoming one of the favorite table games of novice and pro poker players alike.

Each round of Triple Card Poker starts off with a decision – each player has to decide whether they want to just post the Ante, or post the Ante and a Pair Plus bet. The Pair Plus bet is optional, but the Ante is required if you want to be dealt cards. After this decision has been made, the hand begins.

The dealer is dealt a three card poker hand face down, and the player receives the same, but their hand is face up. You are trying to get a higher valued three card poker hand than the dealer.

When you receive your cards, you have another decision to make – you have to analyze the strength of your hand and decide if you wish to continue the hand or fold. If your hand is weak, you can release it and not put any more money in the pot, but if your hand is strong, you make an additional bet.

When you have finally made your decision, the dealer will reveal their cards. For the dealer’s hand to qualify, they must have at least a Queen high. If they don’t, the hand is dead. If they do, the hand continues. Your hand and the dealer’s hand will be compared, and whoever has the stronger hand wins. If you did place a Pair Plus bet at the beginning of the hand, you can earn an additional amount based on the outcome of the hand.

Triple Card Poker really is that simple. The speed of the game really adds to the level of excitement. There is no other game available like it that offers the player such a great experience in such a short period of time.

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