Play Texas Choose 'em - Free online poker flash game

How to play Texas Choose'em

One of the most simple, yet most exciting games you can play is called Texas Choose'em. It is very similar to Texas Holdem in hand rankings, but it takes only a few seconds to play each hand and doesn’t require as much thinking.

The point of Texas Choose’em is to make a wager as to which hand is going to have a higher value. When you start a round to Texas Choose’em, two hands will be dealt in front of you – one hand face up and one hand face down. Each hand contains five cards from a standard poker card deck.

You will be prompted to place a bet on which hand you think has a higher value. The odds are sometimes placed beside the hands to help you make your decision. Using the selection tool at the bottom of the window, you will choose the size of your bet.

You then click on the “To Win” button to indicate which hand you think will win, and that’s all there is too it! The hands are revealed, and if you made the right decision, you win!
If you were lucky enough to make the right bet, you will be paid out a specific amount in accordance with the payout rules of your specific game. If you didn’t win, you lose all your bets.

Anyone can learn to play and excel at Texas Choose’em in little to no time. While the game seems incredibly simple and almost silly at times, it is one of the most exciting games you can play when you have a limited amount of time available.

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