Play Poker Fives - Free online poker flash game

How to play Poker Fives

One online casino game that is quickly growing in popularity is Poker Fives. Most people don’t know about this game, but it offers incredible levels of fun and excitement with very little effort. Here is how Poker Fives is played…

The main objective you are trying to achieve is to accurately predict the composition of a random five card poker hand dealt by the dealer. Each game starts with five playing cards being dealt face down by the dealer. You are then tasked with making a combination of bets on what you think the composition of this random hand is. Here are the possible bets you have the opportunity to make.

This is a bet on whether the first card in the sequence of five cards will have a higher or lower value than the last card in the sequence.

This is a bet on what you believe the ratio of Red to Black cards will be in the poker hand. You decide on what you think the ratio is going to be and place a specific bet on it.

Poker Plays
This bet is for betting on what actual poker hand will appear in the 5 card string. You can place a bet on any of the standard poker hand ranks. If you are right and the 5 card poker string contains your specific poker hand, you get a pay out that is similar to the actual odds of that hand being dealt.

Face Cards
This is a bet on the total amount of face cards that will be present in the five card string. In Poker Fives, face cards are Jacks, Queens and Kings.

Suited Cards
This is a bet for placing a wager on the specific suits that you think will show up in the five card hand.

When you have made your group of bets, the cards will be revealed and the results will be shown. Your winnings will be paid out and a new hand will start.

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