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How to play Poker Dice

Have you every heard of Poker Dice? There is a good chance you haven’t, but it is one of the newest games taking online casinos by storm. This game is easy to play, offers great excitement, and is quickly growing in popularity. How do you play Poker Dice?

Poker Dice is played with five, six sided dice. The objective is to roll the strongest poker hand possible. Depending on where you play, you will either use a standard six sided dice with the numbers one through six on the sides, or you may use a specialized poker dice with Nine to Ace on the sides. Either way, it doesn’t really make a difference.

To start a game, the first player takes the five dice and rolls them. After the dice have settled, they look at the result. Each player usually has a maximum of three rolls. At any time, they can stop rolling and stand with their hand. If the player is happy with their hand, the next player commences action. If they want to improve it, they can pick out some of the dice they want to keep and reroll the others. At any time, you can reroll one or all of your dice to improve your hand. Everyone takes a turn doing this until everyone has a five number (or card) poker hand.

When everyone is done their rolls, the hands are compared. Standard poker hand rankings apply here, but the results are slightly modified because there are only six possible outcomes of a roll. So, for example, quads could be 2-2-5-2, or two pair could be 10-10-A-A-K. Because dice have no suits, there are no flushes in poker dice. There have been many attempts to modify this game and make variations, but the basic framework is the same anywhere you play.

Poker Dice is an exciting game that everyone should try at least once. It takes minutes to learn and offers hours of fun and excitement with very little effort.

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