Judge Rules Poker Is 'Game Of Skill, Not Chance'

Judge overturns guilty verdict in landmark ruling

Any poker enthusiast will argue that it's a game which relies on skill more so than it does chance, and a federal judge has now ruled to support the idea.

In a landmark ruling, Judge Jack Weinstein has overturned a guilty verdict for a man accused of operating an illegal gambling ring in Brooklyn, choosing to buy into the defense's stand that it could not be considered gambling as it is predominantly a game of skill.

As a result, the man could not be prosecuted under the Illegal Gambling Business Act (IGBA).

"Because the poker played on the defendant's premises is not predominantly a game of chance, it is not gambling as defined by the IGBA," wrote the judge in his ruling.

Given this recent development, advocates of legalising online poker may point to this example in their bid to reduce the restrictions currently in place for gambling over the net.

Judge Rules Poker Is 'Game Of Skill, Not Chance'