Canada's Matt Marafioti Accused Of Poker Scam

Matt Marafioti accused of planning an online poker swindle

Canada's Matt Marafioti is arguably one of the country's most successful poker players at the moment.

Sitting 11th in the Global Poker Index (GPI) 300 and occupying 17th spot in the race for the GPI Player of the Year (POY), the star has a string of impressive performances under his belt, and took $381,507 away from a World Series of Poker table back in 2010.

But despite his good form, the Canadian's reputation could be in jeopardy following accusations that he plotted to take part in an online poker scam.

According to PokerNews, Marafioti allegedly held a Skype conversation with Sweden's Samer Rahman in which they discussed hacking the computer of Canada's Will Molson in a bid to see his hole cards.

While Marafioti and Rahman deny the accusations, it is unclear as to what action will be taken despite the publicity that the event is generating among the world's poker communities.

Canada's Matt Marafioti Accused Of Poker Scam