NFL Betting at the top online sports book in Canada-888sports!

Place Bets on The NFL

NFL football is one of the most bet on sports in the world! It makes perfect sense that almost every sports book on the Internet offers a wide variety of sports betting options for NFL football games. And, 888 sports is no different!
Traditionally, sports betting in Canada has been a pretty difficult activity to take part in. Not only are traditional sports betting parlors illegal in Canada, quality bookies are hard to find, and are even more elusive when it is time for them to pay out. Lucky for you, 888 sports in now offering their online sports betting platform to Canadian players!
NFL betting is pretty simple…

Football Betting With 888 Sport

The first thing you can bet on is the outcome of the game. Since not all teams have an equal chance of winning the game, bookmakers assign spreads to specific games to make them relatively equal. So, for you to win a bet on a San Francisco vs. green bay game, green bay might have to win by more than 7 points, if that’s what the spread is. 888 sports usually gives you really tight spreads and betting odds, so you know when you place a bet with them, you are not getting ripped off.
Another thing you can bet at online at 888 sports is the over/under. This is the total amount of points that you think will be scored during the course of the game. You just pick whether you think both teams combined will score more or less than the over/under figure the bookmakers post, and you could win!

Why not try out online betting for yourself? All you have to do is make your sports picks, head over to 888 sports, check the betting odds, and place your bet! You can bet on more than just football at 888 sports to; they offer hockey betting, baseball betting and even basketball betting! Sign up today and get $100 in free bets. This offer may end anytime, so don’t hesitate! Start betting on sports today!


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