Make money betting on hockey, the national game of Canada!

Hockey Betting

Almost everybody in Canada loves watching NHL hockey, right? Why not try and make some money off our national sport by participating in some online Hockey betting at 888 sports!

hockey bettingHockey betting is a little different from other forms of sports betting. There is usually no spread like you see in football. Since the scoring for most NHL hockey games in very close (usually between 1-3 goals) games are bet on outright with money lines. The over/under bets are usually set at 6.5 or 7.5, depending on who’s playing.

Bet on Hockey With 888sport

Much like other forms of sport betting, there are usually some exotic bets available as well. You can bet on player matchups, period scoring, and even on the end of season standings. If there is a bet you want to make, chances are, 888 sports will offer it!

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