Does the style of online roulette wheel effect your game?



For some strange reason, many people think just because a game is played at an online casino, it is fundamentally different than the same version at a traditional casino. And no other game suffers from this as much as online roulette.

The Roulette Wheel

People have preconceived notions that either the board is different, or that the online roulette wheel is different. This is not the case. At 888 casino, you play roulette online the exact same way you play it at a traditional casino in Canada.
There are two different kinds of roulette wheels used at traditional casinos, the French style wheel and the American style wheel.

The French style wheel has only one green zero, where the American style wheel has two green zeros. This may not seem like a big difference, but it really affects the odds of winning. The good thing, though, is that the French style wheel is hardly used anywhere but in Monaco, and most Canadian and American casinos use the American style wheel. This is why 888 roulette, along with almost every other casino online uses this same style of wheel.

How much of a difference can this make in your game? There really is no way to tell without playing roulette? Why not sign up at 888 casino and play free roulette. Not only will you be able to test out the American style roulette wheel, but also you will be able to see why 888 casino is the leader in . Don’t hesitate, start playing today!

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