Experience the excitement of the video poker world!

Many Canadian players have described video poker as the greatest combination of two popular casino games – slots and poker.  Video poker was introduced into casinos in the 1970s and is now one of the most popular casino games in the world.  Now Players can enjoy a wide variety of video poker variants at 888 casino which will keep them rewarded and entertained for hours.  Some of the most popular video poker variants include Jokers Wild, Jacks or Better, Royal Diamonds, Aces and Faces, Deuces Wild and Bonus Poker.  Players can also enjoy power video poker – a game with 5, 10, 25 or 50 hands. The universal popularity has made it a hot favourite throughout Canada.

 An Introduction to Video Poker

Players who enjoy games with skill, a low house edge, the ability to play alone and the chance for huge wins will find that video poker is the perfect game for them.  The game is simple; players just place a bet, receive 5 cards, choose the cards to keep and discard, the game replaces the discards and that hand determines the payout.  Generally, all casino games give the house an edge but video poker is able to break this rule.  When players search for video poker games with the highest payout tables and play those games with the correct strategy, the players can have a small advantage.  Players can also receive large payouts when free play, cash back, mailers and other comps are taken into account. 

Video Poker Playing Strategy

It is important for players to learn the correct strategy and find the highest payout tables if they want to be a successful video poker player.  Poor pay tables and lack of strategy can make video poker a very costly game.  Video poker strategy is usually not intuitive and if players attempt to use another poker strategy, they will probably lose a substantial part of their bankroll.  Some of the most popular video poker strategies include:

· Jacks or Better strategies

· Full-Pay Deuces Wild strategies

·10/7 Double Bonus strategy

· 9/6 Double Double Bonus strategy

Playing Video Poker

There are 4 easy steps that players need to follow when playing video poker:

· Select the wager

· Select deal or draw

· Select the cards to keep

· Select deal or draw for the 2nd set of cards

These steps also apply to playing video poker online.  Online video poker is favoured by some Canadian players because online casinos offer a free play mode along with real money video poker games.  Players can also enjoy playing this game from the comfort of their own home – a great alternative to a busy casino.  Online casinos also offer a huge selection of the most popular video poker variants so players can always find their favorite video poker game.