Free video poker tips for Canadian players at 888 casino

Video Poker Tips

Video poker isn’t as easy as most people make it out to be. Even if you have a solid video poker strategy and have played free video poker for years, you can still make unprofitable plays. Before you hit the online casino and start a session at your favorite video poker machine, read these tips…

Play Slow
A lot of players get in the habit of playing video poker machines quickly. They think it is like a slot machine. Take your time, examine each hand, and make the best decision.
Don’t keep kickers
You are not playing against other players, so don’t keep kickers. The only use for a kicker is when you are playing against an opponent and they have the same pair as you. This doesn’t happen in video poker. Drop the kicker and get a new card.
Don’t break a winning hand
If you have a winning hand, don’t break it in the hope of improving it. It may be acceptable if you have a flush and are drawing to a royal flush, but in most cases, it is a losing play. Don’t break a winning hand! No matter how long you have been playing online video poker or even real casino video poker, you can always improve as a player. If you are a Canadian or have a residence in Canada, 888 casino is offering you the chance to try their free video poker game. Implement the above tips. It will improve your game!


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