Online Casino Payment Methods

Online Casino various Payment Methods offered

To play at a casino online for real money, you obviously have to deposit some of your own money to get started. Here is a primer on the process of depositing and withdrawing money from an online casino account

Deposit Methods

To make it as easy as possible for all their players to deposit money and start winning real money, online casinos offer multiple ways to deposit your money into your online casino account.
Credit Cards - Credit cards are the most popular way online casino players deposit money into their accounts. It is simple, fast, and safe. You just choose how much you want to deposit, you input your credit card information, click submit, and the money appears in your account!
Debit Cards - Debit card deposits at many online casinos are quickly growing in popularity. The process works just like a credit card, but instead of using a credit card balance, you are using money directly from your bank account.
E-Wallet - Using an e-wallet is very popular for people who live in countries with strict gambling restrictions. Sometimes, if you try to deposit money with your credit or debit card, your bank will block it. So, to get around this, people create an account at a place like Neteller, deposit money from their bank account to their Neteller account, and then use Neteller to deposit money in their casino account. E-wallets are a great way to get around gambling legislation that prevents your from depositing at your favorite casino online.
Other Deposit Methods - Other deposit methods that are available at online casinos include e-checks, bank transfers, and prepaid cards. People usually only use these methods if the previously mentioned methods do not work for them. These methods are still reliable, but they take more time, and sometimes even include additional fees.

Withdrawal Methods

Each casino online has their own special process for cashing out winnings. 888 casino, for example, uses a system called “member transaction balance”. In simple terms, this means that your deposits and methods of deposit have a direct effect on how much you can withdraw and through which methods. Generally speaking, though, the most effective way to withdraw your winnings is to use the same financial method as when you deposit. It just takes some of the headaches out of the process. All in all, it is not that difficult to deposit and withdraw money from an online casino account. Once you go through the process once, it will be “no-brainer” every other time you do it!