Free online Caribbean stud poker tips for Canadian players!

Caribbean Poker Tips

Online Caribbean poker is an easy game to play, but is more difficult to play successfully. Unlike other online casino games, there is a small element of skill involved, and your actions can influence the amount of money you make. Here are a few tips that will start you on the right track!

Online Caribbean Poker Tips for Your Gaming Pleasure

Don’t throw away medium strength hands
A lot of players throw away hands that have small pairs . In normal poker, this hand may not be good, but in Caribbean stud poker, where the dealer’s hand only qualifies about 54% of the time, it can make you money.
Don’t play poor starting hands
Don’t play poor hands, hoping the dealer’s hand will not qualify. This is a loosing proposition. Make sure you have at least a pair to continue playing. If you don’t even have an Ace - King in your hand, throw it away!
Don’t play the progressive jackpot if it is small
Many online casinos offer the opportunity for you to take part in a progressive jackpot. Unless it is very large, don’t bother. In the end, the return on investment is not worth it. With some knowledge of Caribbean poker rules, a solid Caribbean poker strategy and a little luck, you can be winning big money at the tables in no time. If you are Canadian or maintain a residence in Canada, head over to 888 casino and take advantage of their great signup bonuses and excellent customer support. The Caribbean poker tables are waiting!


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