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Caribbean Poker Rules

Online Caribbean poker is an easy game to learn. There are few rules, and even inexperienced players should understand the concept of the game.

Here are the basic Caribbean poker rules:
1. Each player pays an ante to play.
2. The dealer deals every player, including himself, 5 cards face down. The dealer reveals one of his cards.
3. Each player has the option to raise or fold. If the player wishes to continue with their hand, they must make a raise that is twice the size of the ante. If they do not wish to continue with their hand, they will fold and therefore lose their entire ante.
4. After all the bets have been made, the dealer will turn over his remaining four cards.
5. If the dealer’s hand is lower than an ace - king, the round is over, each player is paid out even money on their ante.
6. If the dealers hand is higher than ace - king, each player with a hand that beats the dealer will receive a payout based on their hand strength and bet. Each player with a hand that is lower than the dealers hand will lose their bet and their ante.

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