888.com offers $1400 casino bonus for Canadian players

Canadians - come & get your $1400 888 casino welcome bonus!

888 welcome bonus

The online casino industry is competitive. Everyone knows that. Everyone is trying to outdo each other, offering the best online casino deposit bonus or promising one or two reload bonuses. Things are usually pretty equal, with most free casino bonus packages looking very similar. But, just recently, 888 casino has announced their new online casino bonus package, and it blows everyone else out of the water .

Why Canadians love 888's Welcome Bonus

The 888 casino welcome bonus is one of the largest bonus packages ever offered by an online casino. Usually, casinos offer a 100% signup bonus, usually capped at around $200. But 888 casino’s new welcome bonus package is worth $1400, 7 times as much as the average online casino. Canada, along with other counties outside of the United States, is eligible for this package.

How is the 888 casino welcome bonus package structured? There are two main components…

888.com’s Sign Up Bonus

When you sign up at 888 casino, you receive a 100% signup bonus, up to $200. Sounds pretty standard, right? Wrong! Unlike almost every other online casino, which makes you clear your whole bonus before you even get to see any of your signup bonus, 888 give you 25% of your bonus up front. As you play, the remaining 75% is released incrementally. No one else does that!

Reload Bonuses

This is where the big money comes in. The main component of the 888 casino welcome bonus package is 12 reload bonuses (one every month for the next year) up to a maximum of $1200 ($100 per month). As you play and deposit more money, 888 casino keeps on adding to your account. After a year, this could amount to $1200 of free bonus money. It doesn’t get any better than that!

If you want to take advantage of the largest, most lucrative online casino bonus available today, visit 888 casino, download their software, and start playing today. You won’t be sorry!