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Video Poker Deuces Wild

There are many different variations of online video poker. There are “tens or better”, ”jacks or better”, and the always exciting “deuces wild”. Deuces wild is played like any other video poker game, but when you get a two in your hand, it is wild. This means that is can be substituted for any card. You can use it with any value and any suit.

Canadians Learn How-To Play Deuces Wild

Deuces wild is a very popular variation of casino video poker, not only because of the excitement it generates, but also because it has the highest rate of return for the player, and one of the smallest house edges. You will find that in some online casinos, when the poker machine is played mathematically perfect, the house edge is less than 5%. For some video poker machines with high payout tables, a mathematically perfect video poker strategy can actually yield a player advantage, which is extremely rare anywhere inside a casino. If you want to give deuces wild a shot, or any other exciting video poker game, visit 888 casino. For a limited time, they are allowing Canadians, or players with a residence in Canada to play free video poker on their software platform. It only takes a few minutes to get started!


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