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If you love playing poker at the casino but are getting tired of getting hustled by the sharks at the table, you should really give online Caribbean poker a shot! None of the other online casino games that you will find at sites accepting Canadian players (or players with a residence in Canada) even come close to providing the excitement that Caribbean stud poker does.

Why Canadians Love Playing Online Caribbean Poker?

The Caribbean poker rules are very easy to learn, and you can be playing in no time.
First, you place an ante. Each player, along with the dealer, are dealt five cards. The dealer will expose one of their cards. After looking at your 5 card hand, you have to decide whether to fold or place a bet. When everyone has done this, the hands are turned over. If you beat the dealer, you get even money on your ante. The payout on your bet is based on the value of your hand. The higher the value of your hand (flush, straight, etc), the more money you earn. Once you get some experience, you can even implement some Caribbean poker strategy to maximize your winnings.
If you love playing poker but are no good at bluffing and are tired of getting eaten alive by the sharks at the table, give Caribbean poker a shot at 888 casino. You will love it!


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