Plan Your Hand Ahead

If I was to tell you, "you need to think about how you're going to play each hand before you make a decision," you would probably roll your eyes at me.

Canadian Poker Player Magazine

Canadian Poker Player is a very sleek looking new poker mag with all kinds of stories, articles and promos.

Taking a Shot

Being a winning poker player is easy. Holding onto your money is an entirely different story. Bankroll management is what truly separates the grinders from the flash-in-the-pan winners.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

I wanted to talk a bit about this since it is a topic that keeps coming up in poker circles I'm a part of - the link between a healthy lifestyle and success at the poker tables.

Pot Control - Devil's Advocate

In the previous Pot Control article, I highlighted a number of benefits that come from controlling the size of the pot.

Note the Thought Process, Not the Results

I wanted to talk briefly about note-taking, and general observation of your opponents.

For The Forum - Pot Control (2008)

For the next entry of For the Forum, I've been asked to discuss Pot Control. I wrote an article about this topic a couple years ago, and for the most part it is still relevant.

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